Working On My “Must”

For the longest time, I’ve been dreaming of getting myself published. I know that I can reduce my insights and knowledge into written articles. However, I’ve been setting this aside because of one thing — my fear of anything English.

English was (probably still is) my Waterloo. I try to veer away from engagements where I will be required to say or write something in English. However, upon reflection, I thought that I was not getting any younger. The gap, however, between where I was and what I want to materialize was widening. So I made that bold decision to finally write.

However, my fear of anything English went banging every time I tried writing. Then suddenly, it dawned on me that I can tap friends to help me. I don’t need to do all alone. And as I expected, a friend gamely assisted me — giving a quick glance at what I write before I post these.

Thus, the birth of this blog.

She would sometimes insinuate that I don’t need her help for my English. But, at the hindsight, it was not really the English I was bothered about. I just need an extra eye to quickly pore over my articles that will give an assurance that all will be okay before I hit the release button.

Now, I tried not to bother her anymore. Confidence is gradually sinking in. I believe that I am getting better in working my way towards that dream of getting published.

Gerry Robert’s talk about Entrepreneurial Book Publishing in the recently held NATIONAL ACHIEVERS CONGRESS PHILIPPINES (NACPH) 2016 strengthened my resolve about getting published. In that event, Robert cited many reasons why writing a book is important. Let me mention some that I noted:

  • Pulls business prospects to you
  • Provides you with phenomenal opportunity leads
  • Makes you an instant authority
  • Helps you get speaking engagements
  • Makes closing sales easier
  • Provides you with enabler to get more business

Robert repeatedly clarified to the attendees that all can get themselves published. And I do agree with him. That was why I took the extra step of attending his book-writing boot camp. It better equipped me in inching my way to that dream.

Let me share with you my take-away during the NACPH. There were a lot but I would like to focus on one. Let me share his “8 Steps to Publishing Success”.

  1. Know your primary objective — Simply ask yourselves what will the book do for you (not the reader).
  2. Write the right content — You can use the “Be a Reporter” strategy.
  3. Design an awesome cover — Even if we don’t want to judge a book by its cover, how the book looks outside matter to a lot of our target readers.
  4. Capture leads — Meaning use it to create a database of your potential business partners.
  5. Differentiate yourself — You can leverage on the book to set you apart from other professionals or business.
  6. Global publicity — Books can be used as your business card in the global marketplace.
  7. Get other people to pay the cost — You don’t need to cover all printing cost for you to get published.
  8. Make it a must — Don’t set book-writing as your goal but your must.

There were so many things I got from listening to Robert. What I have here is just teaser on what you can get by attending the NACPH and his boot camp. So I am abetting all of you to not miss the next run of these events. Go ahead and Google the next schedule.

One final thing that I got from Robert that I am bearing in mind now is this:

Make your dreams your MUST, not your GOALS.

He said that in life we don’t usually get our goals but our must. So never forget this.


Note: NATIONAL ACHIEVERS CONGRESS PHILIPPINES (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness” with Mr. Chris Gardner as Keynote Speaker was held at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. The event was brought to us by Laurus Enterprises (LAURUS) and Success Resources Pte. Ltd. (SRPL) with Light Network Channel 33 as the official media partner.


PS: Get Gerry Robert’s book The Millionaire Mindset.

Sing Your Heart Out

Last November 13, I received an invitation from a friend (Lavi Peñaverde) to attend a soiree. I would like to decline because I made plans that day. A scheduled voice lesson coincided with the soiree.

Yes, I am also trying to hone my gift in singing. Not that I would like to pursue this as a career. But I would like to somehow carry a tune especially that I am sometimes invited to host events. I need to be ready in case the situation calls for it. Also my singing is sort-of operatic, so I am taking voice lessons to help me make it sound contemporary.

Anyhow, I was ready to say “NO”. But then, I realized that I keep on getting invitations from this extraordinary friend to attend soirees, and from what I recalled I actually attended none. Then, I took a second look at her SMS and noticed that the soiree was musical. It would feature his brother — Rogelio Peñaverde, Jr. (a.k.a. as Jun Peñaverde) — the operatic Tenor from NYC. So I thought it would be a great chance to witness a world-class talent perform. Thus, I took my phone, cancelled my lesson, and replied to Lavi in affirmative.


It was an experience that I would never forget.

For the longest time, I thought operatic singing was passé. And I hate to admit this but I always thought that this is something that I need to keep hidden from others (my usual singing). Though my office mates would tease me during karaoke sessions because I couldn’t help but sing that way — with vibrato.

I remember my voice teacher when I started eight sessions back (after hearing me sing for the first time). He asked if I was trained in operatic singing or if I was part of a choir. I bashfully replied in the negative (for both questions) and shared that I just keep my career within the confines of the bathroom. I have no formal training in singing. 🙂 Honestly I was not comfortable that every time I sing it would always sound operatic. I tried the strategies I got from the voice lessons. Still I find it hard to control the vibrato.

At the soiree, when it was time to end the gathering, the host announced an invitation for a community singing. My God! All were singing their hearts out! Operatically! I was so enthralled! I was in a group where no one was telling me to stop singing operatically. Skill-wise, I was really behind than those who have attended the soiree. I believe, however, that with more lessons I can actually be a part of this group.

Also, in that soiree I was able to rub elbows with some famous guests (not just with Jun Peñaverde). These included Mark Anthony Carpio (UP Madrigal Singer’s conductor) and Allan Cosio (the famous painter, sculptor and tapestry artist who achieved and inspired so many with his work).

That musical soiree gave me both a realization and an inspiration.

It made me realized that operatic singing if “done properly”, using the right piece, is really heavenly. Listening to the performance of Jun Peñaverde and the rest of his Family — Lavi, Maricel and their amazing parents — then to Allan Cosio and other equally powerful performers and artists made me wanted to go inside my bathroom (and sing my heart out in an operatic way). It enlightened me that singing, in whatever genre, is still singing — a way to attune your soul to the universe.

It also inspired me to continue pursuing my voice lessons. I know that career-wise, my dream is a path that may not coincide with singing. However, the voice lessons will help me hone that God-given gift. And I am sure that one-way or the other, I can use this gift in pursuing my life journey.

Friends, we all have our secret gifts – singing, dancing or what-have-you. Sometimes we keep these from others, and ensconced these gifts in an ivory tower. Because we are bothered about how people will react once they learn about our gifts. We need to realize, however, that we should never be ashamed of these gifts. God gave these gifts to us for certain reasons. And I am sure that it includes enabling us in our journeys.

Now I am pushing you to go ahead and take those gifts out of your hiding place. Hone  and share them.

Let the world see and enjoy what you got.

PS: Witnessing Mr. and Mrs. Rogelio Peñaverde, Sr.’s duet of “Maalaala Mo Kaya” made me believe that there is FOREVER. 🙂 duet

Take Action To Reach Your Dreams – According to Sean Seah

If you want to succeed in life, act now. Never say “Later” or “Tomorrow”.

My mom never gets tired of saying that line. Every time she feels that we are procrastinating. She would gladly deliver that line (complemented with an assessing look) that would make you move your ass. Well she is an entrepreneur, and I’m sure she knows the value of promptly acting on opportunities.

Listening to Sean Seah, considered as Master of Value Investing and Asia’s Buffetologist, in the recently concluded NACPH 2016 reminded me of that line. Seah shared that for the longest time, he wanted to do big in the stock market. He tried his hands playing with stocks but he was not sure if what he was doing was right or wrong. Probably wrong, according to him, based on his previous portfolio.

This didn’t feel right for him. And like other speakers before him, who made big in their respective fields, he sought the help of people who made it big in the stock market. So he explored getting mentored by the “Warren Buffet”.

The problem, however, was it will not only cost you your arm and leg to set a meeting with Buffet, it will require you to probably include the arms and legs of your whole family (or probably more). So he considered the next best one — Mary Buffet — Buffet’s daughter-in-law who followed the old man’s lead. Seah shared that none of Warren Buffet’s children played big in the stock market but her daughter-in-law did. And Seah had that one, expensive opportunity to learn from Mary.

Seah did not procrastinate. He took action.

Seah gave up his “arm and leg” (not literally) to learn from Mary in one meeting. Mary shared to him the Buffet system of investing in that particular meeting. He took what he learned and placed this into practice. From this, he suddenly became the master of value investing. He did not only recoup his investment in meeting Mary, his portfolio grew amazingly.

The rest is history.

Now let me share with you some stock investing insights from Seah. I will just share the snippets, and I will let you research on these.

Firstly, you need to learn the right system of investing. If you put money in stocks, according to him, without knowledge that is called gambling. Seek the right system and use it well. Seah is using what he dubbed as Value-Investing Option Strategy or VIOS. He did not elaborate on this but shared case studies (thru video) of people who did well using his system.

Secondly, the two things to be considered in investing. These were investment amount and return. He said how you do it should be logical (or makes sense to you), and should be suitable to your style.

Thirdly, is the three key steps in Value-Investing.

  1. Assess what to buy,
  2. Know what to buy, and
  3. Cash flow.

Fourthly, is the the three things to know in investing. He said that here we need to know if the company we are getting our hands into is making money. He strongly recommends to always consider stock track records when investing. And to summarize these, he simply said that we need to know:

  1. What to buy,
  2. When to buy, and
  3. When to sell.

Fifthly, he shared three enablers we need to consider for us to succeed in stock investing.

  1. Have a system.
  2. Be consistent.
  3. Aim to become more and more successful.

The above are just few of the insights I have captured in my notebook. Honestly, I had more but I believe these five are the ones that can add more value to your investing activities. Or better yet, attend the next run of NACPH. I am sure that the next set of speakers can bring you a lot more value-adding know-how on how you can be better in what you are doing.

Alternatively, you can get Sean Seah’s books on stock investing. Learn his system and do big in the market.

Again, just to emphasize Seah’s point. Be mentored and always take action.


Note: NATIONAL ACHIEVERS CONGRESS PHILIPPINES (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness” with Mr. Chris Gardner as Keynote Speaker was held at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. The event was brought to us by Laurus Enterprises (LAURUS) and Success Resources Pte. Ltd. (SRPL) with Light Network Channel 33 as the official media partner.



PS: Try these online references that can help you in your stock investing journey. Go on and click the linked images that will help you do big in stocks. These are Sean Seah’s books.

Peng Joon Shared That People Don’t See the “Struggle” In Realizing Success

“Wow! He is a XXX-Star Diamond Director!”

I joined network marketing because of the promise of great wealth at the end of the journey. Seeing how our mentors being applauded (as their earnings are being announced) during conventions in front of the whole Arena solidified my belief in that promise. I would actually use that as part of my pitch in inviting people to join my team. And a lot would actually sign-up with the anticipation that all of their financial woes would disappear.

However, a lot fail to see that it is never an easy money because NETWORK MARKETING IS NOT A SCAM. (Just be selective of your company.) That means that you still have to work really hard for you to realize the rank and income you want. It is not something that is given to you in a silver platter. Or, like an insurance that you will have to simply deposit your money, and you can expect to get something big in the future.

It requires hard (painful) work but the promise of wealth is true.

That realization in network marketing came to mind upon hearing Peng Joon in his talk (Building a Money Machine). Joon is known as the world’s leading authority in wealth creation online. He shared that a lot of people are being amazed how he was able to amass wealth by leveraging on the Internet. A lot are admiring him for what he have become, and many thought all could be easily replicated at a snap of a finger. None of them, according to Joon, see the struggles/hardships he underwent in realizing his journey.

Joon shared that he was kicked out of University (UK-based) because he became so complacent. He went home dishonored, and was able to find a job that provided barely just enough for his needs. He shared how life was really hard for him and his family. And to emphasize his points, he showed his previous earnings. This went on until he got tired of how life was for him. Using his marketing prowess, he was able to leverage on the Internet from starting out in debt to where he is now.

But his journey was NOT EASY.

Joon also shared that most of us are stuck in the typical employee mindset — “study hard and get a good job”.

A lot of us dreamed of attaining academic excellence thinking that it will bring with it countless opportunities in the future. However, like Kevin Green, he shared that success requires more than academic excellence. It requires getting your hands dirty (or real world education) and a lot of guts in trying your hands on doing things differently. He then encouraged the attendees to know what others (including him) are doing differently, and emulate what they are doing. This is akin to Green’s message on being mentored.

Now let me share with you some of the tips I got from Joon about wealth creation online. Here are some:

Firstly, the reasons why we should strongly consider online business. Here are the self-explanatory rationales he shared.

  1. Anyone can do this.
  2. Low investment cost but can generate high profit.
  3. Provides automated passive income (if done correctly).
  4. No limit in what you can earn since the world is your marketplace.

Secondly, what are the strategies that we should adopt. He cited three of these.

  1. Aim to automate the business using systems and people. Meaning, even if you are not around, the business will run.
  2. Promote a product, not  service. Offering online services will provide you with active income. The problem is when you stop offering the service, then income will also stop coming.
  3. Convert customers. Ensure that people will visit your website or will think (first) of your website in case they would need anything. And once they are at the site, make sure you get them to sign-up or buy.

Thirdly, he shared five steps to realize “Intensive Internet Income”. And, these are:

  1. Identify a profitable market.
  2. Build your website.
  3. Employ effective product promotions.
  4. Ensure regular traffic flow to your website(s) thru branding and positioning.
  5. Automate all — meaning you can take your self away from your business.

To cap his talk, Joon shared why a lot of people fail in wealth creation online. According to him, those who failed tried to figure things on their own and they don’t have a system. Hearing this made me realize something. His message and that of Kevin Green is almost the same.

Anyhow, what I am sharing here pale in comparison to what you would have gained if you attended the NACPH 2016. That is why I am encouraging you to never miss the next run of the event. Also, get Joon’s books — Build a Money Machine and Blogging Secrets. These can help you a lot.

I have shared with you my take-aways from Joon. One thing that I would like you to bear in mind is that the journey to realizing success is never easy. It takes painful steps and a lot of beating before you’ll get to where you want to be. However, the realization of your dreams will bring something so sweet that it will justify the struggle in the process.

Never forget this.


Note: NATIONAL ACHIEVERS CONGRESS PHILIPPINES (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness” with Mr. Chris Gardner as Keynote Speaker was held at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. The event was brought to us by Laurus Enterprises (LAURUS) and Success Resources Pte. Ltd. (SRPL) with Light Network Channel 33 as the official media partner.


PS: Try these online references that can help you in your journey towards wealth creation online. These were authored (and co-authored) by Peng Joon. Go on and click the linked images that will bring you wealth beyond your imagination.

Kevin Green Shared That We Need To Be Mentored and Roll-up Your Sleeves

“Yes Coach! Yes Coach! Yes Coach!”

One great lesson I got from joining network marketing is appreciating the value of being mentored and emulating successful people in everything that they do. In network marketing (any business or in any major undertakings), you cannot succeed by simply doing things on your own. I am not saying that you blindly copy all and you don’t improvise. You can adjust if you feel that things can be improved. What I am saying, however, is that you need to look for a successful person in that field, and let that person mentor you in your journey.

Learn from those who made it big. Understand their tricks. Practice what they do.


“Be Mentored” and getting our hands dirty are my key take-aways from the talk of Kevin Green — UK’s Secret Millionaire, Business Coach and Property Investor. He was one of the speakers at the recently concluded National Achievers Congress Philippines (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness”. These are the same learning I got from joining network marketing.

He said that it is important for us to realize that for us to succeed, we need to get our hands dirty. That is why he is not a fan of pursuing academic excellence. (Based on my quick research, he is dyslexic — some people see this as a crutch.) Academic milestones for Green doesn’t make huge impact in whatever you are doing. He emphasized that value-adding education comes from “real world” experience. Thus, he preached that for us to really learn, we need to reach out to people who actually made it.

He proudly shared to the audience that he was mentored by two business greats — Robert Kiyosaki and Sir Richard Branson. And his learning taken from his mentors helped him became what he is today. (Based on my quick research, he was homeless in 1988.)

He shared his learning from Branson. These were:

“Never ever waste a second of your time.”

“Always become the observer in business — be the manager, not the front-liner.”

Green, in his talk, also shared his different views re “leveraging on debts” with Kiyosaki. His is zero-property debt by year 10. He explained why they have different take on this.

One thing that I got from his talk about his mentors was that we need to learn from those who succeeded in whatever they are pursuing. However, we can always customize our success based on our circumstances and our own gifts. Emulating successful people is not comparable to a technical manual where we need to take steps in a certain measure and order.

Note: This message is quite similar to the message of the blog entry “Customize Your Success” (

Further, this believer of “real world education” emphasized the importance of us taking life challenges head-on. He said that having no resource should not serve as a crutch for you not to succeed in life. Also he said that pain is a normal part of moving up. To rub his point, he shared that if the pain of where he is IS NOT GREAT ENOUGH, then it will not motivate him to change. He said that we need to aim to be the best that we can be despite all challenges hounding us. And, if we can give more than our 100%, do so because that is where we’ll get the results.

Another point that I got from Green is the value of institutionalizing a system. He said that systems led to his success. Without a real system that runs things consistently (complementing your people and technology), then success may not be guaranteed and sustainable. Using systems helped him became a property demigod that he is now.

By the way, I’d like to share the gist of his “Property Rich Rule”. (1) We trade three properties for profit (using debts), and use these profits to buy one property as a cash-flowing investments. (2) Then, we pay off all the property debts by year 10. If you want to know more about his property rich rules, I suggest you get his book The Rich Rules: Steps to Wealth & Happiness“.

Another important take-away from Green was the power of self-belief. He said that we have to whet our appetite every day to go after our dreams. We can always “stay hungry”, according to him, by shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” everyday after waking up. This is explained well in this blog entry  “Stay Hungry —“.

As a recap, there were so many value-adding insights from listening to Green (which I really can’t completely place here). These included being mentored, real-world education, using systems, his property rich rule and the power of self-belief. One thing though that I would never forget in his entire talk is the value of having fun.

He said that in whatever we do, have a huge fun in the process.

Note: NATIONAL ACHIEVERS CONGRESS PHILIPPINES (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness” with Mr. Chris Gardner as Keynote Speaker was held at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. The event was brought to us by Laurus Enterprises (LAURUS) and Success Resources Pte. Ltd. (SRPL) with Light Network Channel 33 as the official media partner.



PS1: If you want to be mentored by this real property demigod, I would strongly recommend that you get his “The Rich Rules: Steps to Wealth & Happiness“. 

Do you wish to become Wealthier and Happier? If the answer’s Yes, then this is definitely the book for you Whether you are thinking of starting or improving a business, Kevin’s life experiences in “The Rich Rules” provides you with the essential strategies to achieving success. Kevin Green, once homeless, is now a multi-millionaire businessman who cares passionately about giving back to the community. Kevin is an Ambassador for Make-A-Wish UK, a charity that grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. By purchasing this book, you’ll be helping grant wishes to seriously ill children – 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the charity. This will be a minimum of 99p per sale of each book

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The Overworked Manager’s Rescue Package

I’m sure it can help you see and do what’s right in the things you do at work or in your businesses.

Happiness is a Choice… An Influencer… Andrew Matthews Shared

“I don’t know what makes people happy. But I’m always happy because if there is a problem, I always just think that there is always a solution. I don’t like negative thoughts.”

It always made me wonder why Yuni (my 12-year old daughter) seems to be always happy. She has a jolly disposition. She would always greet people as if everything is always fine. So one night, I asked  her what she thought about the reason that makes people happy. She gave me that answer.

And, I thought that it makes sense.

At the recent National Achievers Congress Philippines (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness”, her answer came to mind while listening to Andrew Matthews (a Masterful Illustrator, International Speaker and a Bestselling Author). According to Matthews, at 25 years old, he realized that the happiest people he knew have more problems than he did. Which did not make sense to him then. He then discovered that being happy, however, was a decision they made. It was never an accident.

It is a choice — a daily decision.


Everyday, there is that huge chance that we will hit a fork in the road. And this provides uncertainty that could lead to unwanted situations — traffic violation tickets, hitting low in the stock market or getting the pink slip. Matthews said, nonetheless, that there are people who always choose to look at things positively.

He said our happiness is anchored on how we react to dire situations. And should bear in mind that people around us don’t expect us to be perfect. Instead, people expect us to be real. He said that we could be the only one holding ourselves from being happy. He then used the example of people when answering phones that even if they are so angry, they can suddenly shift to a jolly tone. An evidence that we can control our emotions, and likewise our happiness — he emphasized.

Matthews, then, shared to the audience happiness as an “influencer” to how we do things. He asked the audience who wants to be happy, and why is it important to them. According to him, based on research on happy people, happiness can improve our productivity and efficiency. He said:

…Happy managers solve problems 20% faster.

…Happy surgeons makes 20% less mistakes.

…Happy companies spend less re-training personnel.

Friends, there were so many things I got from listening to Matthews that what I am sharing here pale in comparison to all his insights at NACPH 2016. That is why I am encouraging all of you to attend the next run of the event. But one thing that I would like all of you to always remember (as what I gathered from him) was the debunking of this myth.

Myth: When you are successful, you are happy.

Truth: When you are happy, you become successful.

Remember, happy and successful people know that life is one challenge after another, and always that way. So they choose to be happy.

That is why happiness is your choice.


Note: NATIONAL ACHIEVERS CONGRESS PHILIPPINES (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness” with Mr. Chris Gardner as Keynote Speaker was held at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. The event was brought to us by Laurus Enterprises (LAURUS) and Success Resources Pte. Ltd. (SRPL) with Light Network Channel 33 as the official media partner.


PS1: And for our overworked managers, try this program.
The Overworked Manager’s Rescue Package

I’m sure it can help you see happiness in what you do at work or in your businesses.

PS2: Try the following Andrew Matthews’ books. You have to get all of these! So go ahead and click the link(s) to the book(s) of your choice.









“I Have Not Started Either” – The Secret To Failing In Life

I had a laugh reading what my youngest sister, Angela, shared in Facebook:

“I Have Not Started Either — the most comforting words for any student.”

It brought to my mind the time when I was a student myself. My classmates would talk about certain school projects or examinations. Then, I would wait for someone to say that they have not started doing anything. Once someone shared his failure to act on something, the rest would usually echo or pretend that he had not also started with anything. I guess what they say that “misery loves company” rings a truth to it.

I teased my sister about this, and I had a blast as she shared her own experience.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I was the one paying for her education. And that sort of changed my perspective.

I then blurted, “I don’t like that you are getting used to that”. So I went to my usual litany as her eldest sibling…

… Do not put good money to waste.

… You need to plan and prioritize your activities.

… Never aim to accomplish something that is just passing.

Anyhow, I knew that it was just for a laugh. I didn’t pound hard on my sister. We of course had fun exchanging personal experience about that “most comforting words to students”. How, we believe, cramming would most of the time work in beating school deadlines.

On a serious note…

I think, however, that, as we become adults, most of us have not outgrown those “comforting words”. We usually fail to plan and prioritize our activities. And we like to hear other people admit that they have the same dilemma as ours.

“I am ridden in debts… You too?”

“I have not also started setting aside money for emergency?”

“We can start on vendor canvassing for that project next month since the deadline is still far.”

One thing that most of us fail to realize is that the environment we had when we were students is quite different when we are already a working adult.

At school, we usually don’t need to earn a living. You don’t need to pay car or house loan amortizations. There is no need for us to worry about the utility bills. You don’t need to think about the food that you need to place on the table. There is no need for you to think about the education of your kids or your siblings. And other “basic” things we need to worry about. Thus, slacking may be forgivable.

And we are not yet talking here about leisure and luxury — travels and vacations, big house and new car.

A lot of us, I believe, are usually still stuck in that “student-like” situation and mentality — a student who is just completing things as merely passing and just receiving allowance. A sad reality, yet a lot of us rant about pursuing financial freedom.

Friends, here is what I want all of you to take from this entry.

Pursuing financial freedom, or whatever dreams you have, requires that we have strong foundation on the basics — which includes “attitude”. We cannot become a successful fund manager, well-loved CEO or a famous author, if we retain the attitude of doing things as merely “passing”.

It will never materialize without pursuing “intentional” excellence.

As most of our business pundits keep on emphasizing, for us to be successful, all of our actions should be intentional, and never accidental. Please, do not expect that a sack-load of money will be dropped in front of you. That will never happen. You got to mean all your actions to get what you want.

Again, it has to be INTENTIONAL.

Hope this could help you realize what you are pursuing.


Note: I attended the recent  NATIONAL ACHIEVERS CONGRESS PHILIPPINES (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness” with Mr. Chris Gardner as Keynote Speaker at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. The event was brought to us by Laurus Enterprises (LAURUS) and Success Resources Pte. Ltd. (SRPL) with Light Network Channel 33 as the official media partner. You should not miss their next event.

I have a notebook full of notes at the end of the event. One of the major learning in that event is that all actions should be intentional. I will be sharing in my next entries my other take-aways from the speakers. So regularly check my blog.




PS1: Featured Photo source is

PS2: Try these great selection of self-help books. Unless you look for good tools to help you and just simply rely on yourself, then you might find it hard to work on your dreams.






Learn from the Palm-Full of Sand — Lessons Learned By A Young Father

“Make sure that your daughter will do well in school.”

As a young father, one of the advice that I took seriously was the one coming from my aunt. She told me that because we, the parents, did well academically in high school and college, we need to do our best to make our child take the same path.

One good (or bad) thing about me is that I always take my elders’ advice seriously. My problem with the insights that I absorbed is the execution. I, most of the time, exaggerate what I do that it sometimes does not sit well with the people involved.

As a young father, I went out of my way and researched the best path for my daughter. I felt that it was a means for us to redeem ourselves for having Yuni (my daughter) early. Let me share some of these…

  • I came across an article that suggested that classical music triggers Science and Math. So since she was a baby, every opportunity that I could get, I would let her listen to Beethoven or Mozart. Or sometimes I would sing to her — forgetting that my voice was far from being classical.
  • With my interpretation of Francisco Sionil Jose’s parental advice (mentioned in one of his novels), I gave her mostly puzzles and other intellect-enhancing toys growing up.
  • Every chance I had, I would read stories to her and would surround her with workbooks. Oh how she loves listening to the stories! Most of the time, she mimicked the way I interpreted the characters.

I believe that what I did (mostly) resulted to something good.

I saw her growing up amusing herself with whatever she could gather around her.

…Assembling a made-up dinosaur or airplane out of discarded boxes, tattered blankets or used plastic spoons.

…Pretending to be an actress, at the age of 5. Acting as being strangled behind the door by an unknown bloodied hand using discarded red ribbons. (I really thought someone was strangling her. It was actually her own hand disguised in red ribbons.)

…Memorizing “All Things Bright and Beautiful” at 5 when I was able to memorize that at twice that age.

…Earning her own money, at an early age, by offering face-painting to the neighbors (PhP5 for small designs and PhP10 for bigger designs) using merely water color. Sometimes she would came up with discount schemes to entice the other kids to get what she was selling.

And other amazing things I didn’t know where she get them from. Those were the good things.

The problem was I sometimes got too carried away (that I often get a scolding from my OWN mother). And I saw the not-so-good effect on her.

  • How she would cringe at the sight of coloring books because I, one time, chided her when the colors went outside the line or the pictures. I forgot that she was not even two years old!
  • How sadness filled her eyes while I forbade her to play with regular dolls. And how she would long to have those toys where there was no need for her to assemble any parts of it together.
  • Or, how she would ignore, and sometimes, would loathe at the sight of flip charts or Math flash cards.

Her mom would always remind me that I needed to let her enjoy childhood. Deep inside I knew it! But I was hounded by my aunt’s advice. Also, I wanted to prove to all that even if we have our daughter at a young age (2 years shy from graduating in College), we could raise her well.

And this went on…

Then I realized that my reasons revolved mostly with I.

All along I was trying to raise her the way I wanted her to become — based on my ideal mold (academics) and not considering her gifts in arts. It was because it would made me feel good. She was my redemption. It was a selfish reason.

I realized this after several arguments with her mom and seeing the negative effects on my daughter. I guess mothers do really know better what is best for their children.

Also, it brought to mind a story I’ve read from a local Comics (Pilipino Komiks, I think) when I was young. The story of a palm-full of sand, which was compared to raising children. I always wondered what it meant. And at that point, I appreciated what it was about.

The story went like this:

“An old man explained to his son (who was a young father) how a sand in a palm of your hand was comparable to raising kids.

The old man took a palm-full of sand from the beach and loosen his palm. The sand got out of his palm through the opening between his fingers. He explained that if you are too lax in raising your kids, you will lose them similar to the sand in your palm.

He then took another palm-full of sand, then tightened his fist. The sand escaped through the crevices of the clinched fist until nothing remained. He explained that if you are too strict with them, you will also lose your grip on them. They will run away from you for every opportunity they find.

He then took another palm-full of sand, and this time relaxed his hold. The sand remained in his palm. He explained that if you strike a balance in raising them — not too strict and not too slack. Like sand in your relaxed palm, they will stay with you and you can raise them well.”

So that was when I started to relax on my daughter. We let her be. We allowed her to explore depending on what we observed she liked doing.

When we noticed that she loves playing soccer (which many say is for boys only), we gladly supported her. Now, she is really a good defender. When she requested for music and guitar lessons, we gladly obliged. When she told us that she will join theater arts club at school, we let her be. I realized that she is really good with what she is doing. And she usually leads her school group activities, which I think way better than the academic track.

My mind would sometimes tell me though to push the academic track to her. I tried several times subtly but her mom would always come to her side — positioning to pounce. Ready to remind me in case I forget and get carried away again.

At the start of this school year, however, I got a shock of my life. She told me that she would like to pursue the academic track. And, I saw her working really hard. 🙂

Now, I cannot say that I don’t push her. I still do when I feel it is needed. But I try to do it considering whatever makes her happy. I cannot claim that I don’t discipline her, I am still strict when I feel it is necessary. What I can say now is that from what I observe, she looks way better (and happier) than when I was too controlling of her activities.

Friends, here is what I want you to take from reading this.

We all have good intentions (well most of us) in raising our kids. We want to do our best to prepare them for what we think life will offer them. We just need to regularly check our actions if what we are doing are actually helping them realize their true potentials. Note that each kid have different gifts, which may, most likely, differ from what the parents have. We need to learn to respect and nurture their own gifts.

After all, at the end of everything. They will lead their own lives.


PS1: The featured photo was taken at the summit of Mt. Batulao. She is now turning 13 this December 2016.

PS2: Try these great selection of self-help books. Unless you look for good tools to help you and just simply rely on yourself, then you might find it hard to work on your dreams.