Jose Mari L. Yupangco of Yamaha at Asia Leaders Forum Davao


On March 30, 2017 from 10AM to 4PM, another Asia Leaders Forum in Real Estate will be launched in Davao this time with the collaboration between Yupangco Electronics Corporation (Distributor of Yamaha Sound and Audio Technology) headed by Jose Mari Laurel Yupangco, the grandson of our former President of the Philippines (Jose P. Laurel) and TAG Media and Public Relations headed by Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas (Entrepreneur, Broadcaster, Writer, Public Speaker).

Just last month, January 31, 2017 at Misono Japanese Restaurant in Makati, the first of its series for this year under Asia Leaders Forum has been launched with speakers that includes Dr. Elton Tan of E-Hotels, Robert Laurel Yupangco of Zoomanity Group, Engr. Ben Co of BSC Construction, Mario Berta of Flyspaces, Congressman Prospero “Butch” Pichay of Surigao Del Sur, Koo Kwan Kon of Global Morning City Development, Tanya Llana of Victoria Court, LiZan Kuzter of Impact Hub Manila among others. Attended also by representatives from SMDC, ProFriends, DMCI, DibZ and Megaworld.

The subject matter experts are trail blazers in their fields. Participation at Asia Leaders Forum will give you the competitive edge you need to beat the myriad of other real estate participants chasing deals. These experts will share with you their strategies and on how to utilize the power in you to promote the Philippines.

For this year of ASEAN 50th Anniversary and the chairmanship of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, all eyes are focus to the Philippines as the hosting country, it’s time to showcase the skills of the Filipinos and the Philippines products and services. Asia Leaders Forum is just one way to promote the backbone of any organizations and our world class infrastructures and talents.

The objective of the forum is to promote the Philippines as the premier business hub in Asia and to share to participants the updates with regards to the real estate landscapes in the Philippines & beyond, technology & digital marketing and the government mandates and initiatives to improve the real estate sector in the country and the preparations we are doing for ASEAN 50 since foreign tourist and investors are coming in.

For more information, please contact or call 09166299381.

Dragon Boat Is Teaching Me “Humility” — A Key To Learning

“Reach forward!”

“Twist your body!”

“Look straight ahead!”

I am a newbie in our dragon boat team.

My movements during dragon boat training (a lot of times) appeared lousy and improper. Especially that I took a hiatus of almost one year. And during those times, the captains and the more senior members would always call my attention.

<Not just me though. They do it to all who needs correcting.>

I remember that in my first few training sessions where I get corrected, I sometimes felt slighted. It was because I am not used to people telling me what to do. I am the one who usually does that. Mind you, I am good at bossing people around. Especially that in calling your attention, they will not whisper at you. They will shout at the top of their lungs for the the whole team and the other teams to hear.

My mind used to harbor arrogant thoughts like…

I live in a resort-type condo!

I hold good positions at reputable organizations!

I earn more!

Sometimes, I would answer back and made excuses. As if that changed anything.

Then, every time these thoughts popped in my mind, I felt that my performance would degrade. I would not listen anymore. I would insist on doing things the way I wanted it done. And every time this happened, I know that the rest of the team would feel the impact. It would somehow degrade the performance of the team.

One important learning that our team captains would always instill in our mind during training is that dragon boat is a synchronization sports. We need our actions to be in sync for us to make our goals. When a command is asking for “Power Longs”, then you need to do it — at the right pace, at the right time. You need to follow the command to the very letter, otherwise you would be dragging your whole team’s performance with you.

This was what I would remind myself when those thoughts chanced upon my mind. I would always tell myself that I was new in this area. If I want to do good in this sports, then I need to listen to those people who were guiding me — the captains, the signal and the coach. They always and only have the best interest of the team in their minds. Besides with the number of years in the team, they have earned all the rights to guide a newbie like me. Also I keep on telling myself that if I refuse to listen, then I would not realize the benefits of this sport.

So now every time the captain would call my attention, I would just say, “Yes Captain!”. Also during breaks I would sometimes demonstrate and asked those who corrected me to check if I was doing it properly (if the instructions were unclear to me).

Now, I hear less corrections from my teammates. And every time I hear one, I would always do a quick check to what I was doing. Then I would distract my mind and would stretch myself just to get synchronized with the rest of the team. I would always remind myself that I am not the only one who is getting tired so I need to do what I could to sync back. 🙂

PDRT Fireblades

Photo: Owned by Atty. Kap George Ventayen

This is what I would like you to take from reading this.

We need to realize that in all that we do in life, a lot of these involve team work. It could be a project at a non-profit organization or your regular work. Always remember that you need to synchronize yourself with the rest for all of you to realize your objectives. You can’t be in a parade marching to a different beat. You won’t only be endangering yourself (in the process) but also those who depend on you.

Also, a lot of us believe that we are good at something. In venturing, however, to a new project — say stock investing — you need to remember that for you to do well, you need to reach out to those who are excelling in these areas. Learn from them. Study how they do things. Ask them to check on you.

Remember that for you to learn in a new field, you need to empty your cup. Fill your cup after with the knowledge that you need. Listen to those who came ahead of you, and strongly consider their suggestions.

Another thing, do not be too sensitive. Learn to appreciate suggestions for improvements. The only way for you to grow is to get feedback. <One of my important learning as a toastmaster.>

Let me simplify my message.

What I need you to appreciate is “humility”. You need to humble yourself and learn to listen. Be open to suggestions, and strongly consider these.

Believe me.

Humility and your ability to listen will take you far to reaching your desired destination.



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Learn And Gain From Your Mistakes

“Wow! You are gaining traction as a business consultant! How did that happen?”

“I just learned how not to run a business…”


I have this friend, who I will not name in this article. But I so admire this person.

He underwent to many challenges in his life — particularly entrepreneurship-related. He ventured into so many businesses. However, most of these ventures failed. At the outset, his undertakings would look promising but then it would suddenly collapse. Then, I would see him moving to another business, dipping his hand in another project. The cycle, however, would turn its wheel. The new undertaking would fail (from what I knew).

However, one time I saw him in a small gathering. He was speaking in front of  entrepreneurial hopefuls. He was sharing advices on several areas — like bookkeeping, minimizing fraud, motivating employees — to name a few. And, I find his words sound.

A lot of people in that room were actually listening intently on what he was saying. I also saw many in the audience approaching him, and handing him their contact information after his talk. They were insinuating the need for possible part for him in their own projects.

It was really a good sight seeing him surrounded by those people asking for his assistance.

After everyone was gone, I approached and exchanged pleasantries with him. Then, I threw the one thought that was bothering me the whole time during that event. I asked him how he transformed into how he was right now. Knowing what I knew about his failed ventures, he simply smiled at me and answered:

“I just learned how not to run a business… And, I am simply sharing what not to do based on my realizations from those failures and mistakes that I went through.”

Wow! He made a consultancy practice out of the lessons he got from his failed ventures.

I had a sort of euphoria listening to him because he was a perfect example of a “person learning from his failures”. A business tenet that we keep on hearing that it sometimes crosses the line towards becoming a cliche.

I believe that his lead is what we all have to follow.

We all have our dreamed destination — winning big in the stock market, becoming a champion public speaker or a well-loved public servant. The journey, however, in realizing this is never easy. A lot of challenges would for certain haunt you. And a lot of times these will tax you financially, physically or even emotionally.

Do not let those mistakes stop you. Pick up the pieces and do what you could from the pieces that you were able to gather. Yes you fail but then think that you now know what not to do next time. Use these realizations to improve your self or to revisit your strategies.

I am sure that with continuous pushing, improving and evolving (and a dash of prayer), you will find your rightful place.

Believe me. We’ve seen this happening in other people. Trust that it will also happen to you.


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Success Takes Time And Effort

“Story… Message… Gain…”

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice. You do sound like a deejay.”


I was asked by our club president to represent my club (again) for the upcoming impromptu speech contest. Without batting an eyelash, I said “Yes”.

It brought to mind how I started in toastmasters.

I was told to be reasonably good in prepared speeches where my evaluators would usually highlight my good voice projection and body language during evaluations. However, one thing that they cannot sugar-coat is my performance during table topics or impromptu speaking. I absolutely abhorred table topics because I was not good in organizing my thoughts instantly. I am an IT auditor, and I am trained to carefully plan and revise my work (several times) until I’ve met standards.

The first time I was called to participate is still vivid in my mind. “Mothers know best” was the topic given to me.

I can still recall how I responded. I just stood in front and stared at the far end of the room. Then, I said nothing, except “uhs” and “uhms” repeatedly — as if I was meditating. Then, the general evaluator, who probably saw the need to abet me, stood up. She gave me a reassuring smile and said:

“Story… Message… Gain…” <with pregnant pauses in between>

She said nothing in her evaluation except extending her admiration in my “beautiful” voice. <Her words, not mine.>

That experience made me return in the succeeding club meetings. However, it scared the hell out of me every time the meeting hosts would approach the table topics portion.

I would do what I could just to avoid participating in table topics — going to the toilet, staring at my shoes or looking up at the ceiling. Honestly, none of those worked. I find it weird and felt that the table topic masters were really intent on calling me most of the time. And, every time I would always stutter and talked incoherently.

One time, I approached one member who was really good in impromptu speaking. I wanted to know his secret because I wanted to overcome this awkward feeling. Besides, I have this image (in my mind) of myself winning in the district — speaking eloquently while mesmerizing my audience.

He shared that he started like me. He also shared how he overcame his issues. These included practicing everyday and by not opening your mouth without knowing  how you want to end your piece. So taking a cue from his lead, I also practiced day-in and day-out. I tried my best to put his tips into practice. I would randomly select topics from a book of quotations and practiced repeatedly.

Then, several months after that fate played its tricks on me. The club president asked me to represent the club. After a lot of prodding, I said “Yes”.

I was really hesitant in joining, and not sure why I agreed to do it. Nonetheless, I was fortunate to win as the Area Champion. I did not win in the division but bagging the area championship was more than enough. I was so happy with that milestone because for me that was already unexpected. Imagine none of my club members went to witness my performance (except one who came in late). So when I announced to them that I bagged the area championship, they were all smiles.

Delivering my piece during the Area contest for Table Topics

Well, it was hard work paying off. I did practice — a lot. And my housemates can vouch how they would hear me practicing inside the confines of our bathroom.

Once again, I was invited to represent the club. And without hesitation this time, I agreed.

I am not sure what will happen in the coming contest. But honestly I don’t really care. All I want now is to just enjoy the experience. Anyway, it is tiring  to be scared of the things that are unknown. Additionally, I still practice a lot because I know I am still really far from that desired image of myself.

So come contest day, I will do what I could and just have fun in the process. And whatever happens, I will still practice until I become who I picture myself in my mind.

And, that’s what I would like to leave to all you.

We all want to succeed. Bear in mind, however, that great things take time and effort.

You want to reach your desired destination, then do not stop until you get the result you desire. Push yourself. Let yourself evolve. Aim to never stop improving.

The most important is … be intentional with your actions. Every step that you are taking and planning to take should be aligned to where you want to be.

At the end of everything, I know that you will realize your aspirations.

Believe me.


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