The President

I will eat my pride and confess – I now like President Digong (roughly 98%).

I remember last election, I engaged a lot of people, including my mom and Wanna, to heated debates. There were nights when I would turn my back at Wanna. I, most of the time, would poised myself ready to pounce if I hear anything irritating to my ears. I recall a friend jokingly said that I was sleeping with the enemy. =)

I was even outright rude (so many times) by imposing my opinion to other people online, as if I was the only one entitled to be heard. Sorry my friends, I forgot that freedom is not absolute – especially online. Thanks Manmie for the reminder.

Honestly, my heart generally loved Digong’s answers to questions thrown at him during his pre-election interviews. My head, however, said that the implications are scary. I feared that his unorthodox ways would shake and undo the traction made in the previous administration.

For some selfish reason, I would sometimes reflect on the possible scare his style would give to so many investors. I would contemplate on how it would possibly degrade my portfolio – as if I’m carrying hundreds of millions in my investment. I pondered and told myself, I would campaign in favor of Mar Roxas. (I believe then and still that Mar can use his brilliance to generate more traction for the country.)

Anyway, I reflected on what I am seeing now. PNoy gave the country back its confidence to the government. Digong, however, is bringing more than that. He might be really paving the way for the real change to happen.

These past days, I would sometimes try to cast doubt on him. I told myself that his unorthodox ways is shaking the status quo. But in the hindsight, something is saying that how can one create real change if you don’t shake the status quo. This brought to mind Wanna’s usual dialogue – “You have a change management issue”.

Then, I heard his SONA the other day. As expected he gave his litany of promises, same with the other presidents before him. What is different though is that deep inside my heart is saying that HE WILL DELIVER. Also, I noticed that he has this captivating aura – whatever he says PEOPLE GENERALLY FOLLOW.

It’s too early for us to say that CHANGE IS REALLY HERE. But this hard core RO-RO is willing to give him that chance, and work with him (in my own way) to materialize the REAL CHANGE we all hope to come. After all my loyalty resides not with the candidates but with my country.

PS: By the way, 98% only because I am not comfortable with the issues of summary killings and mistaken identity (and the fear of this going out-of-control) and the release of PGMA (totally not acceptable).


What’s wrong with us?

I’m really confused.

I can recall vividly how many of us would go out of their way, and mocked Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in our daily conversations during her term as president. During that time there was no confidence in the government. Many of us would see and hear bad events transpiring and react to this passively as if these were expected. We regularly hear of PGMA’s and her family’s corrupt ways and how they plunder the coffers of the nation. We used to accept these as given.

I still can remember how bad it felt to live during those days in the Philippines. And, people would always talk that there was no hope for the country. I recalled my regular discussion with my partner and how we were planning to join the exodus out of the country. Deep inside our hearts we are shouting – “There has to be changed in the government. President GMA had to go.”.

Then PNoy came. He was elected by a resounding millions of voters. PGMA was arrested. It felt that there was hope being rekindled. Trust in the government came back. This time voices from all sectors would like to be heard. All were wanting to have his/her say. He was endeared to so many people.

There were issues that came out during PNoy’s term, some of which were suspected to be instigated by PGMAs cohorts. And part of the country (those biased against the Aquinos) once more used these to place PNoy under the bad light. Anyway, some of the problems arise also from how PNoy reacted to these. Then PNoy’s term ended, and President Digong came (who are liked by many including me).

When PNoy left the palace, he left the country its voice. What confuses me though, is that why the voices seem to be quiet now that President Digong is using his popularity to hide in the shadow the worsening summary killings and PGMA’s sudden release.

Are we really that mesmerized with the unorthodox ways of President Digong that we seemed not be able to find our voices and turn a blind eye on things? Are we not realizing that the promises made during the election are gradually being tweaked to undo some of the progress we have realized the past years.

Traction was made. We just need to follow through and be consistent regardless of who our patrons during the elections were. (Rumor has it that PGMA is President Digong’s financial backer.)

Anyhow, I agree that we should give our new President a chance. But we should also remember that it does not mean giving him free ticket to gradually destroy what was built. We should not wait until we are back to how things were.

Let us open our sentiments for these to be heard. These will give him gentle reminders as he work on his promises.