Jake Duran

That’s me, and I’m a sexy bald guy who loves to read books. Reading books take me to places I’ve never been, activities I’ve never tried, and people I’ve never met. But I don't just dwell on books, I also roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty when situations call for it.


I’ve been to five continents! (Well, I give thanks to my previous companies for that!).

If you wonder what’s my favorite country among all I’ve visited, well there is none. Each country has its uniqueness that comparing one with another would be hard. One realization though that I would always value is that my globe trotting experience gave me insights on how best to deal with people coming from different background.


I join a dragon boat team to work on my arms (ahem!). I also box and run daily. And I tried adventure sports as well like bungee jumping, white water rafting, mountain climbing and canyoning.

The results of my annual physical exam, sort of, gave me an awakening that I need to take care of my body. My dad died at an early age because of health-related reasons. I wanted to live longer for my family so I find time to regularly exercise.


Food is my weak spot. I have no qualm eating any food – even spoiled one! Kidding! 

If you want to get my attention, you can easily do that by sharing to me a succulent dish. My favorite, by the way, is anything with seafood. I can actually survive for a long time with just seafood. By the way, if you ransack my fridge, you’ll most likely see just seafood.


I take pride in my cooking – just have not shared my dish to my colleagues yet! Soon?

I am fond of cooking — especially for my family. But I have to admit that I have no formal training. I just tried to copy how my mom does it. I also sometimes try to copy recipes from the Internet, and I just tweaked the flavor to my own liking.


I find fulfillment in imparting my knowledge to the youngsters – young in age, in experience or in mind. And, this keeps me on toes on various subjects.

My experience with teaching started when I was requested by my relatives to help my siblings and cousins with their school homework. Then, the love for teaching was further fueled by my volunteer works and tutoring jobs when I was in college. Now, I am looking forward to making this my full-time profession.


 I also love to experiment on things around me. If you in anyway able to reach some of my relatives, they would probably share with you my experiments with cockroaches and mice way back when I was young. I find joy observing how things work and how people react. And, try new things once in a while.

I also work on ways to widen my income sources and provide myself with financial buffers. I invested in network marketing, VULs, insurances (including memorial) and stock trading. Yes, I also explore financially.


By the way, did I already mention that I’m an IT auditor, a trainer and a Toastmaster? Being an IT Auditor, being a trainer and a Toastmaster helped bring out the best in me through sharing my expertise and helped also bring out the best possibility in others.